Day 1 and 2: Leaving Neosho and arriving in Dakar

Our trip to Africa started Tuesday morning the 27th at 8:15. Tracy and I met and prayed with several people from Calvary. Miss Bonnie prayed for and over us and we were both encouraged by her words for our well being and the work we would be doing. The Salee’s graciously drove us to Tulsa where we caught our flight, which was 3 hours, from Tulsa to Washington D.C. without any trouble. When we arrived in D.C. we grabbed some dinner in the airport and waited for our second flight that would take us to Brussels. Here is where it got interesting. We boarded the flight like normal but after getting seated and settled in, the pilot comes over the intercom to tell us that the ground crew discovered a dent in the baggage compartment door. We were told to deplane so that the damage could be inspected to see whether or not we could fly. Everyone had just gotten off the plan when an airline employee said we could begin boarding again. (Wow that was fast!) After only a handful of people got on the plan they stopped the boarding and told us that no one should have let us back on the plane. (Someone probably got in trouble) We waited at the gate for about 45 minutes. At this point our flight had been delayed an hour and a half and we were concerned that we would miss out connecting flight in Brussels. We were told it was finally safe to board and the damage was not going to be an issue. The total delay was about 2 hours. We got back on the plane and flew from D.C. to Brussels, a 7 hour flight, without incident. We made it to Brussels on Wednesday morning and caught our connecting flight without any issues to Dakar, this was a 6 hour flight. We arrived in Dakar Wednesday afternoon where Jefferson and Joana met us at the airport and we traveled to New Tribes guest house together. Joana cooked us a wonderful dinner and we ate and visited for a while talking about ministry, missions, family, and everything else under the sun. We finished our meal and dessert and settled down for the evening. On Thursday we will wake up early in the morning and travel about 5-6 hours by car to Gambia where our main work will take place. I hope to keep these updates coming on a regular basis. Pleas pray for us and our time here. There is a lot going on and a few obstacles that could be a hinderance. But God is good all the time and he will be glorified in this work here.