Day 5: Second Day of Training

Our second day of teaching went by much smoother. We all woke up around 6:30 again today and got ready to leave the guest house. This time, however, we did not get lost. We made it to the church in about 10 minutes. That sure does beat our time yesterday of almost an hour and a half. We had approximately 25 Africans there today with several returning from yesterday, but we also had some new faces. Surprisingly there were several teenagers present today during the training. The focus of the teaching today was on discipleship. Yesterday we introduced everyone to the material and then tried to answer two main questions. “Who do I share with?” and ” What do I say?” We taught them about sharing with their “oikos” from Acts 10 with the story of Cornelius and how Peter shared the gospel with him and his friends and family. The word oikos means friends and family. We also taught on sharing with a “person of peace” from Luke 10 when Jesus sends out disciples into villages and they are to look for someone they don’t know to share with. When we tackled the next question yesterday we taught about sharing “My Story” and “His Story.” It’s hard to know what to say when sharing the gospel so we helped them make sure they could tell someone their testimony, “their story”, as well as using Romans 6:23 and a drawing they can do on any piece of paperto help share the gospel. This is “His Story.” That was the teaching from yesterday. Today we taught on discipleship. After we have shared with someone how do we help them become mature believers. It happens when we teach them to obey Christ as Matthew 28:18 says. We used 3 stories from the Bible, Zaccheus, Philip and the Ethiopian, and the Good Samaritan, to show how these stories emphasize different commands of repenting, being baptized, and loving others. They are able to share these stories along with four other stories from material we gave them to help new believers learn how to obey Christ. As we shared these stories we answered 4 questions. What does the story tell us about God? What does the story tell us about man? Is there a commandment I need to obey? Is there something I need to stay away from or repent of? It was definitely an easier and less hectic day than yesterday. Tomorrow we will be going to church with Pastor Sam and hopefully we will be able to visit some villages. We are not exactly sure what tomorrow will bring but we look forward to whatever it is. Less than a week until we are back home. We miss everyone but know we are supposed to be here. Have a Happy Halloween. Praise Him all creatures here below.